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  • Material selection application
  • Production process service
  • Die Equipment Auxiliary
  • Company management assistance
  • Project financial support
  • Marketing channel
  • Equity incentive plan
  • Logistics distribution platform
  • Material selection application

    The general principle of product structure design is the basic idea to follow in product structure design. These basic rules make product structure design more reasonable. Whether it is plastic products, hardware products and other products, the general principles of product structure design include rational selection of materials and reasonable selection. The most important thing is the selection of reasonable materials in the early stage of product design.
    All products are made of materials. When designing products, the first consideration is the selection of materials. Materials not only determine the function of the product, but also determine the price of the product, so a reasonable selection of materials is required.

  • Production process service

    According to the needs of the enterprise, it can help to carry out the partial or overall optimization of the enterprise's existing production line, or assist the enterprise to design and build a new production line.

  • Die Equipment Auxiliary

    Accept the assignment - collect, analyze and digest the original data - determine the molding method - select the molding equipment - specific structure plan - design drawings - check the processing performance - try out and repair the mold.
    The selection of the ideal mold structure is to determine the necessary molding equipment, the ideal number of cavities, and under absolutely reliable conditions, the work of the mold itself can meet the requirements of the technology and production economy of the plastic part. The technical requirements for plastic parts are to ensure the geometry, surface finish and dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts. The economic requirement of production is to make plastic parts low in cost, high in production efficiency, continuous in mold work, long in service life, and labor-saving.
    1. Mold forming part structure.
    2. Structural form of gating system and exhaust system.
    3. Parting surface and parting pick-up method.
    4. The outline structure and all the connecting pieces, the location of the positioning and guide pieces.
    5. Mark the cavity height size (not required, as needed) and the overall size of the mold.
    6. Auxiliary tools (removal tools, calibration tools, etc.).
    7. Serialize all the balloons and fill out the schedule.
    8. Mark the technical requirements and instructions for use.

  • Company management assistance

    A complete set of solutions designed to assist in the whole process of R&D, production, sales, etc. in the production and operation of enterprises.

  • Project financial support

    (1) Estimated amount of venture capital
    (2) How to arrange the financing capital structure of venture enterprises in the future
    (3) Mortgage and guarantee conditions for obtaining venture capital
    (4) Arrangements for investment income and reinvestment
    (5) Proportional arrangement of equity of both parties after venture capital investment
    (6) Arrangement of income and expenditure of investment funds and preparation of financial reports
    (7) Investors' involvement in the company's management

  • Marketing channel

    A unified association of suppliers, producers, wholesalers and retailers. The processes of the marketing channel include: physical process (logistics), ownership process, payment process (payment flow), information and promotion process.
    The steps of marketing channel system design:
    1. Current environment analysis
    2. Develop short-term channel countermeasures
    3. Channel system optimization design
    4. Constraints and Gap Analysis
    5. Channel strategic plan decision

  • Equity incentive plan

    The design of equity incentive plan refers to the form of obtaining company equity through corporate employees, enabling them to enjoy certain economic rights, enabling them to participate in corporate decision-making, sharing profits, and taking risks as shareholders, so that they can do their best to contribute to the company's long-term An incentive plan design for development services is a relatively long-term core equity incentive system arrangement necessary for the company's development.
    The essence of equity incentive is that the enterprise should give up part of the equity to be owned by the incentive object, but there are many forms of this behavior of giving up equity, which will lead to the phenomenon of "one enterprise, one case". Therefore, before doing equity incentives, enterprises must To do a plan design.
    Nowadays, China's market economic system is gradually standardized, while most domestic enterprises lack a scientific equity incentive system design plan. In the past, there were only simple wages and bonuses for personnel incentives in China. With the increasing importance of human capital, how to retain the backbone of technology and management is crucial to the development of an enterprise. When an industry or company develops to a certain stage, forms such as equity incentives must be considered. China has great potential and prospects in the equity incentive market. Therefore, establishing a standardized, fair and competitive equity system is an urgent problem for domestic enterprises to solve.

  • Logistics distribution platform

    It is planned to build five platforms of comprehensive information service platform, logistics transaction support platform, logistics function service platform, logistics collaborative management platform, and information exchange and integration platform, serving three portals of enterprise marketing, government management, and industry organizations, connecting finance, insurance, credit, Four major fields of talents and six major industries such as electronic information, steel, automobile, chemical industry, food, and textile realize modern logistics and procurement functions such as product information release, goods transaction, electronic entrustment, electronic payment, electronic confirmation, and goods document transmission, etc. Realize the seamless connection of enterprise informatization and the Hubei digital logistics system under the integrated business model of process logistics.
    Realize the functions of modern logistics distribution and procurement transactions such as product information release, goods transaction, electronic entrustment, electronic payment, electronic confirmation, and cargo document transmission, and realize the seamless connection of enterprise informatization and the national digital logistics system under the business model of whole-process logistics integration. +86-15302607731
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